C4 CurveCore

CurveCore SDK Overview

CurveCore is a licensable SDK for products to integrate G7™ calibration technology.

In response to numerous requests, we are now making the core technology inside Curve4 available for integration into new and existing Graphic Arts products like RIPs, printer drivers, workflow solutions and analysis software.

To a developer, licensing CurveCore means shorter development times and virtually no research costs, because the complex gray balance and curve fitting algorithms inside the original IDEAlink Curve software have already had three years of practical field testing in hundreds of end user sites. The core algorithms have been further enhanced for even greater accuracy and functionality in Curve4.

Another benefit of licensing CurveCore is that IDEALink Curve is the defacto G7 reference implementation, so G7 conformance testing or certification should go very smoothly. Naturally, we will ensure that Curve4 passes IDEAlliance's planned G7 conformance testing, which means any application using CurveCore should also pass, as long as developers follow the SDK development procedures.

For licensing information, please contact CHROMiX sales at 866-CHROMiX or sales (at) chromix.com