Barbieri Spectro LFP



Spectro LFP RT Series 3: $7990.00

Accessories / Bundles / Upgrades / Add-ons
DOC activation for Spectro LFP (software activation): $1380.00
Unlock from OEM Spectro LFP to Barbieri (software activation): $1920.00
Upgrade from LFP Tex to RT (software activation) : $1655.00
Maxwell MeasureWatch Verify Lifetime (1 inst) + Vogelsong COLORef CRM Target Bundle: $450.00 $300.00
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The Barbieri Spectro LFP RT is the most versatile automatic Reflection/Transmission spectrophotometer in the market for digital large format, flatbed and industrial printing. The LFP instrument is delivered with measuring software called Barbieri Gateway (Spectro xy) that allows you to measure most types of targets, for instrument linearization applications, and for use with utility and profiling software.

  • Handles many different materials with thickness up to 20 mm
  • Measurement aperture is switchable between 8, 6 and 2 mm.
  • LFP base product includes 2 sample holders for thin media (reflection C200A52 and transmission C200A54) and measurement software Barbieri Gateway.

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Why buy the Maxwell MeasureWatch Verify + COLORef Bundle with your LFP?

  • Early problem identification of your LFP
  • Know exactly when your LFP instrument varies or needs servicing
  • Reduce or avoid yearly manufacturer calibrations and certifications of your LFP
  • Aligns well with ISO instrument conformance programs
  • Protecting your LFP investment

MeasureWatch® Verify is a Maxwell focused service specifically for tracking spectrophotometer instruments accuracy, performance and conformance to a standard or with other instruments. MeasureWatch performs Pass/Fail reporting, custom label printing, Trend Analysis and other strong reporting and analysis. MeasureWatch combined with a reference CRM is a perfect solution to measure, manage, track and analyze any spectrophotometer within your workflow or enterprise. Maxwell MeasureWatch plus COLORef® CRM (Color Reference Material) bundle is a perfect fit for your LFP and other critical instruments.

For more information about MeasureWatch Verify and COLORef CRM - click here, or call a CHROMiX technical sales specialist at (206) 985-6837 Extension #1


Notable Features

Spectro LFP RT Application fields

  • Creation of ICC profiles for digital output devices for most different materials (both reflective and transparent)
  • Single measurements of logo-colors (Pantone) with subsequent check of the color-true printing
  • Use as a densitometer to determine density values for films and papers.

Spectro LFP RT Technical characteristics

  • 3 reading modes: Automatic measurements, Single measurements, Density measurements
  • The following materials printed on large format inkjet-printers can be measured automatic: papers, vinyl, textiles, cardboards, plastic plates, gypsum plates, wood, glass, stone and ceramics plates.
  • Able to measure heavy and thick materials (up to 20mm)
  • To measure spectral and density values
  • For reflective and transparent media
  • Measuring aperture adjustable to 2 or 6mm
  • ISO 13655-2009 measurement conditions: M0, M2 (UVCut) and M3 (Polarization)
  • Supported by most RIP and Profiling Software
  • High quality electronic components and modern assembling system
  • Robust transport unit
  • Compatible for Macintosh and PC
  • Extremely high measuring precision and repeatability
  • Creates high quality ICC profiles
NOTE: LFP 2/3 Calibration and Certification service is only serviced by Barbieri directly. CHROMiX can coordinate this for you, but you will pay Barbieri directly for the service.

Standard delivery includes (in the box):
  • - C200C00 Spectro LFP S3 table and spectral head
  • - C200A52 Standard reflection sample holder
  • - C200A54 Standard transmission sample holder
  • - Barbieri Gateway measurement software


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