ALWAN CMYK Optimizer Prepress



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Standardized PDF in prepress:

At the very start of the process, it is crucial for a service provider or publisher to supply files that comply with current industry file standards. This enables partners at every stage of the graphic production line to accurately proof and reproduce the files without any printing problems.

Alwan solutions ensure standardized files that can be used by anyone in the production line, anywhere in the world.

Alwan CMYK Optimizer® is the first Preflight, Standardization and Optimization software for four color separation files. It allows photographers, designers and prepress companies to quickly and accurately produce documents for problem-free printing. Printers gain the capability to control and improve the printability of files containing four-color separations by optimizing the separation according to the actual process/press/paper. Standardized files using CMYK Optimizer will generate reproducible proofs as well as plates and cylinders that allow optimum printability and run-ability on press.

CMYK Optimizer Prepress is designed for publishers and small sheet-fed printers

CMYK Optimizer offers many technical innovations which are unique to Alwan software like preflight features, dynamic analysis and calculation of optimal total area coverage (TAC) of ink, dynamic DeviceLink profiles building and XML reporting.

Mac OSX fault tolerant architecture ensures files get processed via hot folders. ColorHub supports an unlimited number of queues, takes any PDF, Postscript, TIFF and JPEG file format.


Notable Features

This CMYK Optimizer version guarantees publishing professionals to produce quality four-color separations for all your publications and offer great benefits such as:

  • Preflight and Standardization
  • Problem-free printing of documents and advertisements
  • Reproducibility of proofs by the printer
  • Standardization of files in accordance with ISO standards and ECI ICC profiles
  • Generated PDF files compliant with the certified PDF/X1a and PDF/X3