ColorThink Download Page

ColorThink is available for download for demonstration or production use.

With a serial number ColorThink is unlocked for full use of all modules.

Without a serial number ColorThink will run for an unlimited time in a limited demonstration mode that allows full navigation of the modules but will restrict opening and graphing to the included demo (SWOP, sRGB) profiles.


 ColorThink Pro 3.0.3 for Macintosh

Version 3.0.3 for Mac OS X (10.5-10.10) download (.dmg 19.1 MB)
(Universal Binary)

 ColorThink Pro 3.0.3 for Windows

Version 3.0.3 (Win XP, Win7, Win8) download (.exe 6.3 MB)


 ColorThink 2.3 for Macintosh

Universal Binary version 2.3
(Mac OS X - 10.5 - 10.10)
download (.dmg 10.8 MB)

 ColorThink 2.3 for Windows

Version 2.3
(Win XP SP2+, Win 7, Win 8)
download (.exe 3.5 MB)

 Older Versions
   (all 2.0 versions use existing 2.x serial numbers)

Classic version 2.2 (Mac OS 9) download (.sit 3.1 MB)