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Downloading and Installing Profiles

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Once you have found the profile you want, click on its name and you will be shown the Profile Detail page. This page will supply you with detailed information about how the profile was created, which device it describes, and settings / substrates used in its creation (and which should be used along with the profile in order to get the best results)

Click on the "Download" button to begin the download process. You will need to sign into the membership area (or become a new member and then be taken there) to begin the download.

Once in the download area, click on the profile name and the download will begin.

When the download is completed, ensure the profile has been unpacked and decompressed correctly and then move it into the appropriate folder / directory:

- For Mac users
- If you are using ColorSync 2.1 or earlier, install the profile into the "ColorSync Profiles" folder in the "Preferences" folder within your "System, Folder"
- If you are using ColorSync 2.5 or later, the "ColorSync Profiles" folder has been moved up one level to the root level of the "System Folder"
- If you are using MacOS 8.5 or later, you can drop profiles right onto the "System Folder" icon and the Finder will route the profile into the correct folder automatically.

For Windows users:
- Place all the *.ICM files in the 'Windows\System\Color' folder.

You are now ready to start using the profiles. Some programs (like Photoshop 5.x) may need to be quit and restarted if they were running when you installed the profiles.

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