EFI Fiery XF 7.0, Output-Product-Other Options/AddOns



Printer Option M License: Support printers up to incl. A2/18": $500.00
Cut Server Option License: See below description: $1200.00
Cut Marks Option License: See below description: $1500.00
Color Verifier Option License: See below description: $1200.00
Color Profiler Option License: See below description: $1800.00
Printer Option Super Wide Format License: Support non-EFI Super Wide Format printers larger than 69": $2500.00
Printer Option Wide Format License: Support non-EFI Wide Format printers up to incl. 69": $2200.00
Printer Option XXL License: Support over/under 24" printers (incl. M/XL): $1500.00
Printer Option XL License: Support up to incl. 24" printers (incl. M): $1000.00
ES-2000 Spectrophotometer: See note below: $1199.00
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Notable Features

Product Option Licenses descriptions and notes

Color Profiler Option License

  • Provides ICC-based tools for professional creation of ICC and device link profiles based on the renowned Fiery Color Profiler Suite. Color Verifier not included
Color Verifier Option License
  • Verifies the quality and reliability of proofs and printouts through measuring and comparing color values against ISO or own quality standards
Cut Marks Option License
  • Completes and speeds up the production process by supporting all industry standard cutting and finishing marks and methods. Fiery XF 4.5 or higher required. Spot Color Option required in case of iCut support (Spot Color Option is automatically included in Fiery XF 7 and higher)
Cut Server Option License
  • Offers a comprehensive cutting solution that drives more than 1,200 vinyl cutters and routing tables from industry-leading partners. Fiery XF 4.1 or higher & Spot Color Option (automatically included in Fiery XF 7 and higher) required. Cut Server application runs on Windows only, but can be accessed by any Windows or Mac client (Fiery XF client / Fiery Command WorkStation 6.2 or higher)
ES-2000 Spectrophotometer
  • Can only be purchased together with Fiery eXpress or Fiery XF product (Full version, Upgrade or Trade-In) or Fiery XF Option license!

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