Barbieri Spectro LFP qb - NEW!



Barbieri Spectro LFP qb: $11990.00

Accessories / Bundles / Upgrades / Add-ons
Electrostatic sample holder, incl C5H11 White backing: $950.00
White backing for electrostatic sample holder: $160.00
Black backing for sample holder: $160.00
Set of 2 sample holders, includes C5H21 extra heavy/thick materials and C5H22 transparent/thick materials: $685.00
Frame transmission sample holder for M1 measurements: $325.00
Standard reflection sample holder: $215.00
Standard transmission sample holder: $215.00
DOC Activation (software/service): $1380.00
Calibration and Certification service (by Barbieri): $1180.00
Polarization filter: $820.00
Spot Measurement guide: $270.00
Reference White tile: $215.00
Battery pack for qb spectral unit: $205.00
Carrying case: $1325.00
Original packaging for Spectro LFP qb: $135.00
Maxwell MeasureWatch Verify Lifetime (1 inst) + Vogelsong COLORef CRM Target Bundle: $450.00 $300.00
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The new Barbieri LFP qb spectrophotometer platform: build for flexibility!

The Spectro LFP qb combines incredible universality and precision with a range of new features and supports the M1 measurement mode, which is now a must for many customers. The LFP qb is a platform that satisfies the most stringent customer requirements and an investment in the future that optimizes the workflow in the spirit of sustainability.


  • Linearization and profiling of professional digital output devices on a wide variety of materials (reflective and transparent)
  • Suitable for Fogra 51 and G7: Conformance to new ISO 13655-2017 "M1 part 1/ method a", plus M0, M2, M3 measurement conditions for reflection and transmission
  • Measures spot color measurements with new detachable spectral unit
  • Measures fluorescent inks
  • Measures any kind of substrate
  • No other instrument as capable as the LFP qb for diverse measuring needs!
  • and more

Why buy the Maxwell MeasureWatch Verify + COLORef Bundle with your LFP?

  • Early problem identification of your LFP
  • Know exactly when your LFP instrument varies or needs servicing
  • Reduce or avoid yearly manufacturer calibrations and certifications of your LFP
  • Aligns well with ISO instrument conformance programs
  • Protecting your LFP investment

MeasureWatch® Verify is a Maxwell focused service specifically for tracking spectrophotometer instruments accuracy, performance and conformance to a standard or with other instruments. MeasureWatch performs Pass/Fail reporting, custom label printing, Trend Analysis and other strong reporting and analysis. MeasureWatch combined with a reference CRM is a perfect solution to measure, manage, track and analyze any spectrophotometer within your workflow or enterprise. Maxwell MeasureWatch plus COLORef® CRM (Color Reference Material) bundle is a perfect fit for your LFP and other critical instruments.

For more information about MeasureWatch Verify and COLORef CRM - click here, or call a CHROMiX technical sales specialist at (206) 985-6837 Extension #1


Notable Features
  • Real D50 illumination to guarantee conformance to new ISO 13655-2017 "M1 part 1/ method a", M0, M2, M3 measurement condition reflection and transmission
  • Removable measuring head (spectral unit) for measuring spot colors
  • Camera-supported sensing unit for instant automatic positioning
  • Switchable apertures (2, 6, 8 mm) for measuring different materials, surfaces, inks and resolutions
  • Complete transparent and reflective media capable
  • Handles heavy and thick materials (max. media thickness 20 mm)
  • Measurement of fluorescent inks
  • Supported by most RIP-software
  • Some examples of materials which can entirely be automatically measured: textiles, glass, backlit film, paper, vinyl, silk, fabrics, fine art paper, plexiglas, adhesives, banner, canvas, polyester, PVC, wrap film, cardboard, plastic plates, gypsum plates, wood, stone, ceramic plates.
  • Ethernet and USB connection
  • Geometry:
    • Reflection 45°/0°
    • Transmission d/0°
  • Includes free measurement software Barbieri Gateway for Mac and PC
  • NOTE: Calibration and Certification Service recommended every 18 months

Detachable Spectral Unit:

  • Touch display
  • Battery operated
  • WiFi and USB connection
  • ab values shown on display, set reference color, show Delta E
Sensing Unit:
  • Camera and according software
  • Quick auto-positioning
  • Faster measurements (2x faster than LFP series 3!)
  • Bigger measuring area

System requirements
- Microsoft Windows XP or later (32 and 64 bit)
- Mac OS X 10.5 or later (Intel)

Standard delivery includes (in the box):
- C5A10 Spectro LFP qb spectral unit
- C5A20 Spectro LFP qb platform
- C5A30 Spectro LFP qb sensing unit
- C5H40 Standard reflection sample holder
- C5H50 Standard transmission sample holder
- C5H70 Spot measurement guide
- Barbieri Gateway measurement software

Physical Size:
It has the same basic footprint of the LFP, which is 22 x 14 inches.
The tabletop extension that attaches is larger than on the original LFP, so that brings the total size to around ~28 x 18 inches.

For more information or to talk with a CHROMiX sales expert: Phone (206) 985-6837 ext#1, or sales(at)