ZePrA 5 Workflow and Color Management Server software, by ColorLogic



ZePrA 5.x Entry package: Pixel file support only: JPEG/TIFF/PSD/PSB file conversion and RGB/CMYK/Gray/LAB color space support: $1300.00 $1235.00
ZePrA 5.x Basic package: adds PDF and Spot conversions, plus command line control and flattening: $3900.00 $3789.00
ZePrA 5.x Large package: adds PDF, Flattening, CLI, Pixel file support, SmartLink, Gradation, Multithreading. Includes CoPrA L SP: $7800.00 $7725.00
ZePrA 5.x XLarge package: adds SaveInk Add-on to SmartLink to Large package. Includes CoPrA XL SP: $10400.00 $9998.00
ZePrA 5.x XXLarge package: adds SaveInk Add-on for SmartLink, Multicolor and Spot color to Large package. Includes CoPrA XXL SP: $14300.00 $13550.00
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ZePrA 5 includes roughly 120 new features and customer requested improvements, as well as a newly designed Online Help section. The features within the new ZePrA 5 combined with the improved Online Help are guaranteed to provide an exceptional customer experience.

The new features include overall improvements to usability with special attention to speed improvements thru multithreading, improved handling of spot color pre-check with the new Spot Color Reporting feature, the new cloud functionality which automatically imports color libraries from multiple ZePrA installations within one company, and Minimal Compression rendering has been added as an additional perceptual rendering option for SmartLink conversion (as previously seen in CoPrA). Please review additional feature additions and improvements in the new Online Help and download the Whats new in ZePrA 5 PDF in German and English. The new Quick Start Guide is also available in PDF format.

Note: ZePrA users with Software Maintenance Agreements (SMAs) will be able to upgrade to the latest version of ZePrA 5. Users without an SMA c an always add an SMA to their purchase. We strongly encourage purchasing the SMA, so please ask CHROMiX sales about the benefits of an SMA.