Eizo LCD Hoods for ColorEdge and FlexScan models



27" LCD Shading Hood for CG2730 and CS2730. Portrait mode only. ONLY AVAILABLE IN BLACK. : $199.00 $195.00
CH7-BK for ColorEdge CG247,CG246, CX241, CX240, CS240 (Black only): $199.00 $189.00
CH2400-BK LCD Shading Hood for ColorEdge CG248-4K, CG2420, CS2420. Portrait mode only. Black only.: $199.00 $189.00
CH4-BK for ColorEdge CG243W, CG241W, FlexScan SX2462W (Black only) *Discontinued or While supplies Last: $199.00 $189.00
CH5-BK for ColorEdge CG277, CG276, CX271, CX270, CS270, FlexScan SX2762W (Black only) - Discontinued, limited supplies: $199.00 $189.00
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CH4-BK fits models: ColorEdge CG243W, CG241W, CG222W, FlexScan SX2462W, SX2461W, S2231W, S2201W

CH5-BK fits models: ColorEdge CG275W, FlexScan SX2762W

Both hoods are avsilable in Black only.

4/1/16 NOTE: *Discontinued or While supplies Last