DISCUS device (no software): $1399.00 $1329.00
DISCUS device + 1st basICColor Display license: $1529.00 $1429.00
DISCUS device + Unlimited basICColor Display Site License*: $2659.00 $2549.00

Accessories / Bundles / Upgrades / Add-ons
Table Stand for tele measurements with DISCUS: $45.00 $43.00
Transport and storage basICCase I for DISCUS: $129.00 $125.00
basICCase II and tripod for DISCUS: $220.00 $210.00
We Price Match! Call 1-877-265-6743 for details.



Finally, there's a reliable source for basICColor Display and DISCUS product for customers in the USA

basICColor DISCUS is a high-end colorimeter and universal instrument for the accurate measurement of color monitors, projectors, large screen systems, standard lighting fixtures and ambient lighting.

DISCUS is suitable as a measuring device for soft proofing in pre-press, for color-critical applications in photography, design, digital signage and video production.


Update Note: March 2016

basICColor released the 'basICColor DISCUS Calibration Updater' which can be found either on the basICColor DISCUS product page or under the support site in the FAQ list. This new application allows the DISCUS to be updated with the latest correction tables for new monitor models and types as soon as these become available.


Notable Features

The temperature sensor in the basICColor DISCUS compensates for heat issues during the measurement. Even after extended use in extremely rural stations, DISCUS will provide even, consistent measurements and data in sensitive black areas.

The potted optical and thin film-glass filter of the sensor guarantee the long-term stability of your results. The meter is individually calibrated and can always be re-certified, so you can use the basic color DISCUS for years as a reliable test equipment and production reference.

The plane-parallel, circular, anodized, aluminum housing is designed as a unibody chassis.

For precision measurements, the DISCUS has 3 measurement modes available.

Using the DISCUS Tele (accessory) allows ambient light measurements from a distance on a tripod with a measuring angle of 4°. A laser beam enables an exact alignment of the instrument. Monitor surface contact measurements are made excluding interfering ambient light.

DISCUS allows up to 128 loadable device calibrations, adding to the future of your investment.



  • Measurement modes: Contact measurement, Tele measurement, light measurement
  • Lens construction: Highly sensitive colorimetric sensor with long-term stable thin film filter (glass filter), complex beam path for large measuring area and on contact measurement
  • Opening angle of contact and tele-measurement: + / - 2 degrees
  • Spot size on contact measurement: ø 7 mm
  • Spot size at Tele measurement in 1m distance: ø 7 cm
  • Spot size measurement at 10m distance at Tele: ø 70 cm
  • Filter wheel with 3 positions: Tele-contact measurement and threaded with accessories (lens hood, filter,...); integrated Flat calotte (lens) for light measurement (measuring angle: 180°); calibration position and protective cap of the measurement and laser optics
  • Contact measurement: suspension with integrated tape measure
  • Telescopic measurements: 3/8" thread, laser positioning pointer, tape measure
  • Light Measurement: 3/8" thread, laser positioning pointer, plane parallel unibody for measuring the illumination of standard light booths & viewers, rest on pressure control station, ...), Flat calotte (lens) plane parallel to the plane, distance to the plane, only 27 mm, 2 positioning at 45 degrees for the reproducible assessment of ambient light side
  • All-aluminum housing for use under production conditions
  • Luminance measurement range: 0.05 to 2500 cd/m Chromaticity: 0.05 to 2500 cd/m
  • Luminance accuracy: + / -2% 1 digit (1 ~ 500cd/m2)
  • Chromaticity: + / -0002 Illuminant D65
  • Chromaticity: + / -0.0025 CCT 4000-15000K
  • Chromaticity: + / -0.0065 for other colors
  • Calibration: PTB traceable
  • Flickering: measurement acc. VESA standard
  • Interface: USB 2.0
  • Power supply: 4.7 to 5.5 V DC via USB connector
  • Sets of parameters: (pre-5 by factory calibration) 8 for different base calibrations, 16 Storage spaces for the individual calibrations, can be combined with base calibration shows up to 128 combinations
  • Measurement speed: max. 10 measurements / s for low sensitivity, max. 4 measurements / s for high sensitivity
  • Temperature compensation: 10 to 50 degrees
  • USB cable length: about 1800
  • Dimensions: Width: 97mm, Height: 27mm, Weight: 310g
  • Supplies: Measuring laser positioning and integrated lens, Thread Adapter 3/8" to 1/4" suspension with integrated tape measure, pocket

basICColor Site License Notes:

basICColor products are always licensed based on unique Machine IDs. A unique number needs to be created for each specific Machine ID. Here are the 3 licensing options for basICColor Site License at this moment:

A) USB-Dongle: The basICColor USB dongle stores a license file which has to be installed once after first application launch. To run the basICColor display software on that computer the USB dongle has to be plugged in. The software generates a unique Machine ID based on that dongles serial number. The software approves and only allows that connection.

B) SiteLicense TAN (TransActionNumber): The Site License Administrator initially communicates their permannent e-mail address for bonding to the SiteLicense TAN (One unique email address for the Administrator is required). Then a SiteLicense TAN is charged with 250 licenses. The Administrator is then able to request 250 permanent basICColor display licenses (while logged in) with the admin e-mail address initially bonded to. If the 250 licenses are consumed, the designated Administrator will get another 250 and so on. For each end-user workstation a license is provided and each machines unique MAC serial number is used to "build" the specific Machine ID that the software approves, only allowing that workstations connection as the 'dongle' from that point forward.

*C) basICColor DISCUS: The basICColor DISCUS has an internal dongle which stores a license file which has to be installed once after first application launch. To run the basICColor display software on that computer the DISCUS has to be plugged in. The software generates a unique Machine ID based on that DISCUS's serial number. The software approves and only allows that connection. *The DISCUS will be the ONLY dongle if bought with the SL Bundle listed above*. An alternative for more license flexibility (i.e.: field calibrations) we would suggest buying the DISCUS and Site License as separates.

Care should be taken when understanding these licensing issues and before ordering. Please call CHROMiX Technical Sales to discuss the best option for you. (866) CHROMiX Ext #1