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ColorEyes Display Pro is the much-improved software update to the ColorEyes Display program released a couple years ago. Available as a download or bundled with a Spyder monitor calibrator, ColorEyes supports most monitor calibrator devices available today.

This new version of the software has a vastly improved user interface - each function is well documented and more obvious, making the software far easier to use. It provides two paths, allowing the user to select either a guided tour through the process, or simply go straight to select tools to get the job done. Settings files can be exported to multiple machines, and locked, so end users can profile while not changing settings chosen by an administrator. Tracking features are built in to display raw monitor brightness and profile verifications over time. These tools provide a window into the health of your monitor and the quality of your profiles. And ColorEyes Display Pro now provides a full set of black rendering choices, from absolute to relative and contrast range.

As before, ColorEyes supports as many DDC variants as possible, so manual setup of a monitor is eliminated. The software now includes expanded manual controls for non-DDC monitors, two new LCD toolsets (one for monitors with brightness and color gain controls, and one for monitors that have brightness only controls). These controls transfer as much adjustment as possible to the hardware from the video card.

The new tech support system generates an email from within the software, providing system information, as well as your latest verification, directly to the tech support department for their review and quick resolution.

Looking for the latest upgrade for this software? Since no new serial number is needed for this upgrade, you can just download the software upgrade from! Make sure to read the readme file to help with the install.

    Need a new monitor? For a list of Eizo LCD monitors DDC compatible with ColorEyes Display Pro Click here

Also, try a FREE DEMO of ColorEyes Display Pro!

Demo Instructions:The link at the bottom of this page will direct you to the manufacturers demo download site. You will need to complete a brief contact form and proceed. Integrated-Color Corp will send you the demo information. After you have tested ColorEyes Display Pro, and when you are convinced that you want to buy it, come back to this page to order.

ColorEyes Display Pro software, on startup will ask you to type demo in the window provided. You must be an administrator of the system to activate the demo. Type 'Demo' in the window as instructed. The demo will run for 10 days. If you uninstall and reinstall, the demo may get corrupted and may require a reset. Please contact CHROMiX Support for help to reset this for you.

Each time you launch the demo a dialog gives you three options, run demo, buy or activate. If you own or have purchased a ColorEyes Display Pro serial number and want to activate, click activate. If you do not own a serial number for Coloreyes click buy and you will be taken to the online store.

After acquiring a serial code, and when you're ready to activate, click the 'activate' button, click on the register button to journey to the activation website. Fill out the required spaces in the form including your serial number. (In the past, serial numbers have also been called license numbers) Please check your number very carefully. If it includes the characters "CEYD" it is not going to work because it is from an outdated version. The dashes are required,and it is not case sensitive. Each required line must be unique, no duplicate data or the process will fail. When done. send. Make a note of the activation code, and return to Coloreyes. You can now click the activate button. Type your activate code into the window and click activate.

Download a FREE 10-day demo of ColorEyes Display Pro (Mac or Win) Click here