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SPECIAL OFFER Until Further Notice: ColorMunki Price is $399 if bought at the same with any monitor purchased from CHROMiX. Save $80! Just mention this in the shopping cart Notes of your monitor + ColorMunki order. The do everything, go everywhere tool that lets you capture, create, calibrate and communicate any color in the visible spectrum. Quickly and accurately capture colors from any surface, and easily calibrate your monitor, projector and printer for an accurate display-to-print match.

ColorMunki pallet software offers creatives the freedom and flexibility to create with confidence - providing an all new way to select, use, verify and specify color. Easily access all the colors that inspire you and ensure reproducibility before going to production!


Notable Features


  • Quickly and accurately capture color from any surface
  • Automatically import those colors directly into Adobe Photoshop and other design tools
  • Go beyond RGB/CMYK and incorporate spectral color right into your design file

  • Utilize any color from the practically infinite visual spectrum
  • Create color palettes automatically from your image library
  • Manage, store, tag and search color palettes
  • Compatible with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, QuarkXpress, and industry standard ICC profiling

  • Easily calibrate your monitor and printer for accurate desktop printing
  • Create with confidence using one-click gamut checking and quickly verify spot colors for process-safe reproduction

  • Now every part of your team from producer to printer can speak the same language
  • With Application Setter, you can easily set your design applications to operate in a properly managed color environment



Create color palettes from:

  • Color libraries such as PANTONE
  • Images - automatically converted into a palette
  • Search results from words such as "fresh", "sporty", "vivid"
  • Live update of colors that are harmonious with currently selected color
  • Variations of selected color e.g. lighter, darker, brighter, etc.
  • OS color picker which can be used to select a new color or edit an existing color
  • Measurement of physical color samples using ColorMunki

Verify color palettes for final output

  • "PrintSafe" filter to dim out colors that cannot be printed on a selected paper type or printing process
  • Visualize how colors in a palette look as CMYK instead of spot color
  • Preview colors under different lighting conditions to see how they shift between outdoor, store and home lighting

Communicate colors with DTP application and clients

  • "Synchronize" feature sends palettes to popular DTP applications (Adobe Creative Suite & Quark)
  • Share a color palette with clients and colleagues through colormunki.com
  • Embed a color palette into a design file for accurate color specification using XMP (compatible with Adobe files including PDF, Quark files and TIFF)

Easy & Advance Display Profiling Modes

  • LCD, Laptop, and Projector
  • Broad spectrum "Push Button Profiling" support (in situ discovery, testing, & mapping of DDC /CI capabilities) Optional correction for ambient light conditions

RGB & CMYK Printer Profiling

  • New 'adaptive' profiling technology (iterative methodology)
  • Very high quality color matching
  • 2 step approach (50 + 50)
  • Spot color optimization