Pantone Color Cue2



PANTONE® Color Cue2.1: $349.00 $319.00
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The new Color Cue2 lets you match Pantone Colors wherever you go. Combining two Pantone Libraries in one hand-held device, the new Color Cue2 enables you to cross match any material or surface to the Pantone Matching System and Pantone for fashion and home or Pantone for architecture and interiors color palettes.

The sleek, new Color Cue2 is ergonomically designed and loaded with the following features:

  • Two complete PANTONE Libraries in one device.
  • Identifies neighborhood colors - lighter/darker colors, redder/greener colors, yellower/blues colors, close colors.
  • Larger multi-line color display.
  • Ability to save your 20 readings.
  • Protective case to secure your Color Cue2.