ProScope - USB w/50X lens: $279.00 $259.00
ProScope Lens 1-10X: $109.00 $99.00
ProScope Lens - 100X: $149.00 $139.00
ProScope Lens - 200X: $149.00 $135.00
C-Mount Adaptor: $24.00 $22.00
ProScope Stand: $159.00 $153.00
ProScope Case: $50.00 $47.00
Complete ProScope Package: $899.00 $839.00
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The ProScope brings unprecedented flexibility and excitement to the learning process. Gone are the frustrations of conventional microscopes. Encased in high-impact plastic, The ProScope's rugged construction and high-quality components are sturdy enough for a crime scene, K-12 classroom, or busy studio.

Interchangeable lenses provide the ProScope with tremendous versatility. With the 1-10X lens, the ProScope becomes a high-quality video camera. Magnification can be increased to a startling 200X power in a matter of seconds. The lens mount is an industry-standard C-Mount that will accept third-party lenses.

With the press of a button, the camera captures the image and stores it as a file in the location of your choosing. The powerful software included with the ProScope provides sophisticated video capture as well.

For the print/photo industry, the ProScope allows a rapid and accurate method of inspecting your printed work. Evaluation ink mixing, dot patterns, paper absorbancy and other visible features with this great new tool!